The radio interview on Waar radio in ware Azad’s section.

Reving sagvan talked about what TED is and what TEDx is and what is TEDxDuhok itself. What have we gone through and what we have and also he answered multiple questions that were asked by the host and Duhok people.

this is what I could get. The idea is about that generally. and see the attached photo as Levi’s photo and biography:
Levi Clancy
Levi was born and grew up in 1990 in Los Angeles in the United States. When he was still a kid, he started taking college courses and when he was only thirteen years old he transferred to the University of California! When he was fifteen, he was abandoned by his family and had to leave university, and started working in medical research as well as web development and graphic arts in order to support himself and make it month to month. When he was eighteen, he received a scholarship to return to university and reconnected with his family. He visited Kurdistan as a tourist for spring break a few years later and devoted his life to eventually return to live and work in Kurdistan. After finishing his baccalaureate in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (MIMG) with a minor in Mesopotamian history, he moved to Erbil. Levi has worked for the University of California as a researcher in electron microscopy, oncology and flow cytometry. He has also worked in marketing for clients including the LA Lakers, NCAA, Verizon, and AT&T. Currently, he works as a software developer and as a freelance journalist. Levi has been featured on CBS News and LA Times. Levi is focused on mass media and accessible technology as a powerful means of effecting change, through his journalism and software development.